Saturday, September 27, 2014

General Update: Bean

Time for some general update posting! I'm going to start with Bean.  Bean is now 9 months old and is dashingly handsome!
Reality check: He usually isn't dressed quite that stunningly - we'd just gotten home from church when I snapped that photo.  Typically he looks more like this: 
or this: 
Last time I checked his mouth he had four teeth.  His central incisors on the bottom are through and his lateral incisors on the top are through.  He absolutely hates people sticking their fingers in his mouth so it is really hard to get a good look at how many teeth he has. 

He is having a lot of fun playing with solid foods.  We are loosely following Baby-led weaning, which for us means that whatever we are eating he gets a little bit to eat, with a few exceptions.  He does not get any grains, nuts, or dairy yet.  Other than that, it's pretty much all good.  He goes through phases where he has a particularly favored food.  Right now it is peas and carrots, often meat is right up at the top of his list as well.  If mama has it, he wants it.  If daddy has it, he absolutely must have it!

Bean is becoming increasingly more mobile.  He can crawl with lightning speed and is pulling himself to stand and walking along furniture and such.  He also loves to climb.  If it can be climbed, he will climb it.  We picked a climber up for him at a yard sale yesterday and he loves it.  I don't have any pictures of him on it yet though. 

He has also discovered the piano.  If the door between our apartment and the big house is open, he will frequently make a beeline for the piano.  He can pull himself up to reach the keys on his own, but particularly likes it if someone holds him on their lap so that he can reach more of the keys.  In a pinch his highchair also works as a piano chair.  The hardest part is keeping the music out of his reach because he is very much at the stage that everything and anything goes in his mouth!

Bean is not great at taking naps yet, but is getting much better at sleeping during the night (not that he was ever bad at sleeping at night). He will usually nap on my back in a carrier during the morning and we often lay down together in the afternoon for "milk and snuggles" or if that's not an option, he goes on my back in a carrier again (or on my front, depending on what is going on).  On very rare occasions I get him to lay down in his bed for a nap and then I take picture as proof that it actually happened:
We are still waiting to get a definitive "pass" on his hearing test.  We had one in September and it didn't go so well - it was neither a pass nor a fail.  We have another one coming up this  month, so hopefully we will get a definitive answer.  He does appear to hear things okay, so we aren't too worried. In the meantime I occasionally use some sign with him, but that would happen whether he could hear or not. 

All in all, he's a pretty great kid and I think we'll keep him around :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Health Update

Someone asked me awhile back how my health was doing because I hadn't said anything about it recently.  She wondered if that meant I wasn't having any more seizures.  I wish that were the case, but it is not.  So this post will be a health update on me.  If that doesn't interest you, you might not want to read rest of this post.  And that is fine with me.
My last seizure was the end of August, so almost a month ago.  The one before that was in March.  Both times I could have predicted that a seizure was likely to happen well before it happened.  That's both a good thing and a bad thing.  It's great because it means that I know my body and I know what is likely to trigger a seizure and what my "perfect storm" is when it comes to seizures.  It's not so great because it means that I have had enough seizures now that I know what my "perfect storm" is...  I'll be seeing my neurologist later this week and we'll see if he has any astounding insights to add.  Maybe (fingers crossed) we'll be able to start reducing some of my medication - I'm still on the same amount that I was when I was nine months pregnant with Bean...

The headaches are still there.  Most days the headache hangs out around a 3 or so, though about a week ago it stayed at a 7-8 for most of a week.  That was not a fun week.

If I don't eat anything I'm allergic to, I'm good. :) I haven't used an EpiPen since last spring sometime, so this is a good sign.  Bean however is showing some signs of a potential dairy allergy which doesn't make me happy at all.

yup, ears are still broken.  It makes life amusing sometimes.  Today after school Littlest Brother was telling me he was going to the bush to fell trees.  He told me that if I needed him he'd have the tractor and chainsaw.  What I heard was him telling me that if I needed him to follow "vector chainsaw" which only made marginal sense, but sounded way cooler.

Other stuff
The newest "health" thing going on is something I call "sunburn syndrome".  So far no one actually knows what it is.  Everyone except my neurologist thinks it is a neurological problem - my neurologist referred me to a dermatologist.  So here's what it is:  Basically my body feels like it is sunburnt over a large portion of it at any given time.  It actually started when I was in highschool, but at the time would only happen 1-4 times a year and for less than 24 hours at a time.  Since about April/May it's been pretty constant.  It's annoying and irritating, but not the end of the world.  Combined with that has been a lot of deep muscle/bone/joint pain.  If you know what it feels like to close a car door forcibly on your arm, you have a general idea of the kind of pain - a kind of deep aching pain that you can't touch because it's so deep.  It strikes at anytime in anyplace.
The pain and the burning seem to go hand in hand, inasmuch as when one is worse, so is the other.  OTC pain relievers don't really do much for the pain or burning so I've pretty much given up on them.  Most days I just grin and bear it and try not to complain about it.
The doctor gave me one drug to try and calm my brain down so I wouldn't hurt as bad and it turned me into a narcoleptic zombie or something...all I wanted to do was sleep.  I couldn't form coherent thoughts, carry on a meaningful conversation or really function at all.  And it started affecting muscle control in my hands.  So I stopped taking it (with doctor's permision of course).  So then we tried another one and it pretty much had the opposite effect.  I didn't sleep at all.  Neither did Bean.  And my headaches were horrible.  I cannot function without sleep (one ingredient to my "perfect storm" is a lack of sleep) and I cannot function without sleep when I have a baby who is also not sleeping.  So I stopped that drug too.
I'm not sure what the next plan is.  What I'd really like to know is what this is and what is causing it. If you are the praying sort and want to pray for me, this would definitely be an area of concern - both the not knowing what is going on and the dealing with the pain part.

That's the super quick basic health update for those who are wondering.  I'll try and do a general life update sometime soon too.