Saturday, September 22, 2012

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A shot of the front

Exchanging rings

The very first awkward kiss

Pouring the sand for the unity candle

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There will be more wedding pictures posted, but for now, there is an interlude accompanied by a prayer request.
On Saturday evening, while I was at my seminary retreat, my brain did a major funny.  I knew something was off because I had slept all day.  David would get me up for meals, I'd eat and go right back to sleep.  Finally I managed to stay up after supper for a session and then campfire.   Towards the end of session I was gripped with an incredible headache.  Worse than I'd ever had before.  It had me curled up on the ground crying and rocking it hurt so bad.  After a time I managed to get it to the background (3 extra strength Tylenol helped) and went on to enjoy s'mores and the campfire.
Part way through the campfire I remember telling David he had to put me on the ground (I was sitting on his lap).  That was my last conscious memory.  I went on to have 5 seizures.  I'd come to in between and then go out again.  I had three grand mal or tonic clonic seizures and 2 focal or absent seizures.  One of my seminary friends is a paramedic and she was right there the whole time.  Apparently my blood pressure went wonky and for a brief time they lost my radial pulses.
All in all it led to an ambulance call and a trip to the hospital where they discovered I had extreme weakness in my left side. I was admitted overnight for observation and a CT scan. My headache also returned and the very nice doctor prescribed me morphine for the pain.  It's amazing how good a little bit of morphine can make you feel.
None of the testing they did in the hospital showed anything remarkable and I was released Sunday just before lunch.  Sunday passed uneventfully.
Monday however I woke up with lots of chest pressure and difficulty breathing.  It was back to the hospital with me.  My headache also returned.  This hospital wasn't as nice and would only give me Tylenol for my headache and it didn't help.  Again, despite all their testing they could not find the root cause.  Increased some of my asthma meds to help with the breathing and prescribed something for the headaches and sent me home.
At bedtime the headaches struck again with a vengeance, bring tears to my eyes and rocking.  The meds the doctor prescribed did nothing to ease the pain.  Tylenol wouldn't touch it.  Mom found me some other painkillers and they finally knocked me out.
I woke up this morning and managed to stay up for about 15 minutes before the sweats and chills took over and I felt like passing out.  Rest of the morning was spent in bed.
Now I'm off to yet another doctor.  Prayers for answers and relief from the pain and extreme tiredness would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

...and coming....

Gracie Jo carrying in the unity candle

Jude stealing the show.  He's cute and he knows it. 

Papa walking me down the aisle.

David and I at the altar...breathe in, breathe out....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

And they just keep coming....

Reuben "escorting" Grandma down the aisle

Grandpa carrying his jar of sand in for the unity candle

Paul carrying his jar in

My mom with our family candle

David's mom with his family candle.

Even more wedding photos...

And some more...
A very fast change of my earrings since the right ones got left at home and someone had to run back and get them. 
yummy cake.  Actually I can only personally vouch for the taste of the little one with blue flowers, but I'm sure the other was good too. 

Sister Ashley playing the piano.  The music there is Isaac's music, not her's.  She's just that amazing and I was honored to have her play at the wedding.

Would you like a bulletin???  Levi and Silas were my (junior) ushers. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

More Wedding pictures

Here's more wedding photos
I am making faces at Katie.  I'm not sure what is going on with my veil/hair

This is Katie.  I was making faces at her to make her smile.

Gracie-Jo was my junior bridesmaid.  She's adorable. 

Jude was our ring bearer.  He pretty much stole the show with he cuteness.  My friend Mariah W. made the pillow for us.

Married (with photos)

My last post was a week before I got married.  The last 4 weeks have been incredible.  So many changes, so much happiness.   The wedding and reception went off with only a few minor hitches...the pastor forgot to tell us when we could kiss and we kinda just looked at each other going "is this the part where we kiss?" and the person who was supposed to unlock the reception site never showed up so my dad just cut the gate open. The weather was wonderful and everyone had a great time.
Our honeymoon was great too, but that's a whole 'nother story for another time.  What everyone really wants to see is wedding pictures....
Wedding bands

The boys and Sarah Elizabeth (and Talia) hard at work in the caboose making supper

Getting my veil arranged

Set up for a wedding