Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Engagement Pictures Part 3

If you still want more...

Engagement Photos, part 2

In an effort not to over-stress your web browsers, here comes part 2.

Engagement Pictures

While I was in Iowa back in April...(okay, it's still April, but the first week of April seems forever ago) a good friend of mine took some engagement pictures for David and I.  I got them today (actually David got them, posted them in a secret place on Facebook, and then I got them off Facebook).  For your viewing pleasure:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


For those of you who have been worried about whether I am still alive or not...
This is my handsome man.
This is me all dolled up for an afternoon/evening out with my handsome man
These are bacon wrapped maple glazed dates.  In other words, pure deliciousness.
This is a bowl of delicious Joy-friendly pasta in a restaurant.  There was also Joy-friendly salad and Joy-friendly bread. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm still here, really

Hello Readers!
I am so honored that you keep coming to check and see if there is anything new here.  My apologies for posting so infrequently. Life has been busy and routine all at the same time.  The semester is wrapping up and that naturally makes everything busier. The weather is getting nicer and that makes me less eager to be inside...though it is significantly cooler and ickier out than it was a few weeks ago.
Easter even came and went without a post from me. Quick recap:
The week before Easter I traveled to Iowa to hang out with David (my fiance, for those who haven't caught up that far yet).  We were on spring break and it seemed like a good way to spend my spring break, especially since we hadn't seen each other since January.  The tulips in Pella were beautiful, but a month ahead of schedule!  David and I spent much quality time together, and I got to see some other friends from my time at Central.
While I was there we also got some engagement pictures taken by a friend.  Once they are ready, I'll post a couple.  I'm excited for them.
Another high point of that week were bacon wrapped dates with a maple glaze. They were heavenly. And I think I found a recipe to make them myself so we'll see if we can replicate them.
I was back in (little) Holland for Easter Sunday and enjoyed a lovely Easter service at my teaching church.  It involved lots of bubble wrap and some of my favorite verses from Romans 17.  First Reformed church of Holland is not a boring church!
After church I came home and had a delightful nap.  Easter was only missing a few things this year.  (Like my family and David).
This last week was mostly school and sleeping.  I've been doing a lot of sleeping lately. I think I'm battling a bit of an infection in my sinuses/ears that is causing some pain/dizziness/nausea.  So my body needs the extra sleep.  Hopefully it will run it's course soon.
A look ahead to the coming week shows inter-seminary soccer tournament tomorrow, which I will be at, but not allowed to play because my knee isn't quite up to par. And then more class and other school stuff.
I will be meeting a relative for the first time this week, which is always exciting.  She is my mom's cousin's daughter and has recently returned from Africa so we are getting together and having dinner. I think for simplicity's sake I'm just going to pretend that she is my cousin, especially since I call her mom aunt. (I sometimes call my own mother aunt too though...)
Other than that, nothing new or exciting here.  Blessings to you all!