Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: True

I've been absent the last few weeks...Number of reasons why, none of them terribly important and most only semi-valid, except for the one Friday when my wrist/hand were so flared up I couldn't type. Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome decided to show its head as I entered the third trimester.  A reduction in the amount of typing I do and splinting have helped immensely.
So this week's prompt for Five-Minute-Friday from Lisa-Jo Baker is:  True. So here comes five minutes of unscripted writing...

True.  It sounds simple.  Four letters.  On the surface it's what everyone wants - the truth.  Openness, honesty, transparency, true-ness.  But how often do we actually get a glimpse of what is true, what hides behind the facade that we all put up?   I wonder why we throw that mask up, the one that hides the true-ness so easily.  Is it because we are afraid to be confronted by the deepest realms of ourselves?  Or is it because we are afraid that others won't be able to handle it if they new the true-ness of what goes on inside our heads and behind our masks?  
The thought of baring my soul, of sharing the bald true-ness of my life, my experiences, my opinions, my secrets, is terrifying.  What would people think?  What would people whisper behind my back?  Would people see it as a plea for attention?  An attempt to draw pity or sympathy towards myself?  Or would they be able to see it simply for what it was/is - the truth?

No picture this week.  I'm tired.  It's time to call David and leave him a video message with tonight's devotions and crawl into my bed.