Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Week in Review

*warning*  I am on a rather large dose of Xanax as I write this.  I will do my best to make sure it is coherent, but no guarantees. *end warning*
This week has been crazy. On Tuesday I met with my new neurologist, Dr. A.  He was very nice and took time to listen to me.  He was also rather concerned about my brain, particularly Spot.  Spot is a lesion on my right hippocampus. We aren't quite sure what he is. At first they thought he was a cyst or scar tissue.  Then they though he was tumor.  I'm not sure what they think he is now, or how they are going about finding this out.  Nobody has ever asked him what he is.  They just take pictures of him and he just hangs out.  Except the fear is that Spot is not as well behaved as we would like him to be.  So Dr. A decided that I needed to have another MRI.  I hate MRIs.  That's why I'm on lots of Xanax right now.  Dr. A won't get the MRI results until Monday, so that's the earlies I will hear anything.  I hope not to hear anything on Monday.  The longer before I hear anything, the less likely it is to be bad news.  At least, that's my theory.
Dr. A also started me on Zonegran to try and control some of my seizures.  In theory, this was a good idea. In reality...well, it didn't work out so well. When the antihistamines I'd been on for seasonal allergies wore off, a nasty reaction to the Zonegran broke through and I ended up in ER for steroids and Benadryl.  So no more Zonegran for me, which is a shame because it was a really pretty purply color.  Instead I'm on Trileptal, which is not near as pretty.  But hopefully it doesn't make me sick.  Time will tell.
Also this week, in the midst of this drama I had 4 Silent Praise events and wrote a sermon.  And other school work.'s been a busy week. I preach tomorrow night.  I hope it goes okay.  Prednisone does not make for the clearest thought patterns.  Also, right now, spell check is my friend.  It took at least three tries to spell the word thought in that last sentence.
Last night was spring banquet.  I got to where a pretty dress.  and eat yummy food.  even ice cream.  and didn't make me sick.  hooray.

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