Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pella, Part 1

I'm spending my spring break in Pella, at Central College, where I did my undergrad work.  Walt the Pocket Kangaroo is my travelling partner and we are having all kinds of adventures.  Sometimes I remember to take pictures of these adventures.  Here's a sampling from the first few days:
We crossed the Mississippi into Iowa and it was sunny.  We had a big icky storm around Chicago so the sunshine was welcome.  It was also warmer in Iowa than in Michigan.
Iowa is a real place.  It is more than a state of mind (that was for you Rob!).  States of mind don't come with road signs.
I felt a little like a tourist and got my picture taken with the huge wooden shoes.  In all the 4 years I was here, I never got a picture with the shoes...
It's spring time in Pella.  There were pretty flowers blooming.

I went on a walk with these two wonderful people (Pinky and Jesse).  Jesse and I *may have* made eyes at each other (just to make Pinky mad. She doesn't like to share)

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