Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pella, Part 4

This post could also have been called "Adventures with Chelsea Bell and Sara", because that is what it is.  Chelsea Bell (who really loves squirrels) and Sara are wonderful friends of mine.  I had two sleepovers with them this week.  Last year, we often had "Tea and Tales" together (at Ten Thirty in room Two-Thirty-something on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  They make me smile really much and I value their friendship immensely. 
Sara hanging out on her bed.  She would intermittently give Chelsea the "stink eye", but I told her I wouldn't take a picture of that. 
I don't actually know what happened here...I do know they were throwing the pink and green flower thingy at each other. 
Sara, Snowball, Chelsea and Chelsea's friend (I'm bad with names...) posing for a picture. 
Snowball and Albus were having an in-depth conversation. 
Sampson decided to join in. He has missed Snowball and Albus. 
Chelsea Bell and Sara were getting ready for story time.  Except they laughed a lot during my story and it really wasn't a laughing story.  But I still love them!
For more pictures of adventures with Chelsea Bell and Sara, click here

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