Monday, April 11, 2011

Pella, Part 6

This particular post in the Pella series is dedicated to the "natural" things I photographed during my break. Things that are just as much a part of Central as the people...and maybe even more so, because they never go away.
A sunset through a dorm room window.  
Two of the three geese that live on the pond.  I'm not quite sure how this family of three thing works, but they seem to get along fine.  
A goose looking all tall and proud.
The "mama-to-be" working on her nest.  No eggs yet, she's not spending enough time on the nest for there to be eggs in it yet.  Last year I got to watch her lay an egg.  It was neat. 
The trees were just starting to bud.  Lots of pollen in the air.  Hooray allergies! 
Sunset at the soccer fields. 
Look for a post inspired by this sunset in the next day or so (I'll put a link up once the post goes live)

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