Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pella, Part 3

My Pella adventures have been continuing.  One day I got to spend the afternoon with a dear friend (Kathy) and her adorable children (Porter, age 2 and Alise, age 4 months).  Kathy was very dear to me throughout my time at Central.  We met almost weekly all four years to drink tea and talk about life.  Porter joined us for tea throughout (as soon as he was big enough to drink tea, he started drinking it too).  Alise was just born this year so I had not met her yet.  I was super excited to meet this little girl who I had been praying for ever since the day last May when Kathy gave me a hug and told me she had something to tell me (actually, I suspected before she told me, but that's beside the point).
Baby Alise was sleeping when I got there, but that didn't last too terribly long
Alise was enjoying her new blanket
We went to the park while Kathy ran an errand.  Porter loved crawling around (and playing in the sand)
Alise snuggled up in the sling and slept the whole time
Snack time!
Walt the Pocket Kangaroo also met Alise
All of us together!

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