Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Joy's Brain Angry

So, I had a ridiculous number of seizures over the weekend/the beginning of the week.  They put me in the hospital yesterday and wired me up (I counted 50 some wires).  And my brain decided not to cooperate.  I've had no seizure activity since coming in the hospital.  So the neurologist has decided that we are going to play a little game called "Make Joy's Brain Angry".  Basically this entails me not being allowed to sleep until tomorrow afternoon and they have said they are going to make me ride a stationary bike and flash lights in my eyes to try and make my brain grumpy. We'll see if this is a successful game or not.
In the meantime, I hang out here, in the EMU.  This is a rather boring EMU, compared to the last one I was in. I'm in a room all by myself.  I have a TV and a fun bed that goes up and down. The bed has a special mattress that keeps moving.  At first it freaked me out, but now it's just cool. My bed also has bumpers on it.
I'm considered a very high fall risk, so I'm not allowed out of my bed without direct supervision. So anytime I want to go to the restroom or anything I have to call a nurse.  I'm allowed to be on my computer, but not when it's plugged in.  So it's a bit limiting.
I have my crochet with me so I've been working on that a bit and watching TV and visiting with people who come to see me. (I had a wonderful visit from two people from home who happened to be in the area and some folks from school have been out).
My favorite fun story from this morning, is that about mid morning I got a phone call.  I didn't recognize the number but answered it anyways. It was St. Mary's.  They said they'd gotten a referral from Holland Hospital and I needed to make an appointment to see one of their neurology people.  I told them I was upstairs in the EMU.   Communication Fail.  :)
So that's the update as of now.  I'll keep you posted on how the game of making my robotic brain angry goes.

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