Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Color of Hope

After making The Color of Despair I had to make the color Hope.  Hope is a light color.  It doesn't weigh near as much as Despair.  Hope can be many different colors, depending on the type of Hope.  Sometimes Hope is like cotton candy.  Other times Hope is like fluffy clouds in a blue sky.  Today I picked the kind of Hope that is like fresh life in the spring.  This kind of Hope, like many kinds of Hope, is soft and fuzzy as well as light and fluffy.  Here's what making Hope looks like in my eyes:
Hope was fun to make because the colors I was using had very different textures. 

In my head this almost looks like Frog from the Toad and Frog books I used to read when I was real little, especially if you rotate it 90 degrees up. 

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