Monday, March 07, 2011

The Real Kangaroo

Sorry for causing concern. That was not my intention.
Here is the story about the kangaroo....Every once in awhile my immune system has a major freak out and I go into anaphalptic shock (usually it has a reason for this unreasonable behavior). In the aftermath of such a severe allergic reaction the doctor puts me on prednisone (oral steroids). Steroids are a strange thing and do strange things to a person's body. For me, it makes me feel like I have a kangaroo in my brain. That's really the best way I have to describe it. My brain jumps all over the place. The kangaroo goes crazy. Strange stuff comes out of my mouth. I write strange things on facebook and my blog without thinking about them. I talk really fast. The Kangaroo also gets super hungry and eats lots and lots of food. Sometimes he's grumpy too. Right now he's tired, so I have a bit of peace. the drugs also make me moody. Not fun.
Getting rid of the kangaroo is a long slow process, because if you kick him out too fast he gets super mad and you get super sick. Think drug withdrawal, because that is what it is. The kangaroo will be completely gone on Saturday and that will be a relief.
This is not a great week to be on kangaroo drugs since I will be preaching in church for the first time on Sunday and I'm really struggling with my sermon right now.
So that is the kangaroo story. nothing really to worry about.

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