Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hospital Time

As I write this I'm hanging out in the hospital in London, Ontario. I arrived in hospital yesterday afternoon and will be in until further notice. Basically until I have enough seizures to satisfy them. The sooner I have seizures, the sooner I get out.

It is an 8 bed, co-ed ward on teh 10th floor. Right now there are 5 guys and 3 gals in. We are all sporting classy blue surgical caps and long tails of wires. If I get a chance, I'll get a picture of me in my cap. It kind of makes me feel like a surgeon. Our monitors are fairly portable so for short periods of time we can get up and move around.

The neatest thing about being in here is getting to talk with other people who have seizures and hearing their stories. For the first time I've been able to talk with people who actually understand what it's like to have a seizure and how seizures interfere with life. Last night a patient from a different floor, K., came to visit a current patient in the unit, D. . K. had been in earlier this year and before Christmas had surgery to correct her seizures. (She's in due to some issues with her incision). While K. was here, her friend J. who is also and ex-epilipesy unit/brain surgery patient came to visit her as well. J. is about the same age as me and is in her 4th year of university. It was so encouraging to talk to these two ladies who are on the other side already and hear their stories of hope. J. and I also talked about how good and faithful G-d is and that was super encouraging.

If you are in the greater London (Ontario) area and would like to visit me, I'm up on the 10th floor of University Hospital. There are no set visiting hours, so whatever works for you. Just check with me or mom to make sure I'm still here (I'll prolly post something here if I'm getting out).

Have a blessed day everyone and thank you so much for your prayers!

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