Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post from a friend

So, my friend, Lisa R. (also referred to as mommy Lisa) wrote this really cool note and posted it on Facebook.  It really spoke to me and I wanted to share it with all of you. I agree with what she is saying.  So, from here out, it is Lisa's words, not mine.

To my Christian male friends:

Be MEN of G-d. Furreals. Be leaders. Put yourself out there for a girl. Let her know that she's worth it, cause chances are, if she doesn't know that you want to be with her, you're playin with her mind. If you want something to happen in the form of a relationship, don't just hint at it. Voice your feelings. Put on your man pants. And I know that rejection is a fear. I know this. But if you're going to be the spiritual head of a home someday, start NOW by being a leader. Lead her. Let her know that she's worth pursuing. Love her. Tell her that you adore her. Tell her that she's beautiful. Girls don't think you're weak if you tell her these things. And if you're around a guy who's on the phone with his girlfriend and says, "I love you, beautiful," don't tease him. You're then giving into the social "norm" that all men have to be ruff and tuff, emotionless. G-d made you with emotions too. But at the same time, be strong. When her world crashes down around her, hold her up. Pray for her. Push her closer to G-d.

To my Christian female friends:

Be WOMEN of G-d. Don't take control of relationships if you're in one; don't be the one pursuing if you're not. If you take that responsibility out of a guy's hands, you're taking away the one thing that he was created for [okay, guys, don't take that the wrong way. I know you were made for more than that.]. You crush his spirit with feminist worldviews of "Women can do everything that a man can do...AND we can do it better." Let the guy lead. Let him pursue you. If your heart has been broken before, don't go into another relationship thinking/fearing that he'll do the same. You'll end up expecting the hurt, and then becoming paranoid, and, quite honestly...what's worse than a paranoid girl? [We're fantastic at over-reacting to things.] Allow yourself to be pursued, led, and step back. Let your guy take the reins. Trust him to step up to the plate. Once he knows that you trust him...he won't want to let you down. Don't distrust guys simply because someone left you hanging. Not all men are like that. I promise.

Yeah. That's it. Pretty much.

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