Saturday, January 02, 2010

Under watchful eyes

I could spend hours typing about all that we saw at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) yesterday.  I could talk about the pretty things, about the old things, about the Dead Sea Scrolls (which is why we went in the first place).  But I'd rather tell a different story.
When we arrived at the ROM we headed to the had been a two hour drive and this was a neccessary first stop.  I finished before mom and the twins and the following conversation ensued:
J: Mom, I'm going out.
M: Okay.  Try and find a map.
J: K, but I'm  not going to wander far.  I don't want to lose you.
M: Oh, alright.
Random stranger: (with a smile) Grown-ups, they can be so unreasonable...
J: Naja, there are 8 of us and we don't want to get separated.
RS: You need matching t-shirts or something....
J: well maybe.  I'm a Girl Guide (Canadian version of Girl Scouts) leader and a number of years ago I took my girls to the science center (another attraction in Toronto)
RS: and you all had bright orange hair?
J: (unsure of what just happened) yes...we had it braided in so we wouldn't lose each other on the subway...
RS: (talking excitedly) I was the person on the subway that helped you with the bus.  I thought you looked familiar.
J:That was you?!?!
RS: yes and your girls were so well behaved.  I was amazed at how good they were and it was such a long trip...
J: Papa, papa, come here.  Remember when I took my Brownies to OSC and a subway angel helped me with the bus?  This is her!
and so on and so forth...

The trip that this lady was remember was at least 4 years ago.  I had taken my Brownies to the Science Centre by means of mass transit because I wasn't allowed to drive them.  The GO bus and the subway were easy, but I didn't have a clue when it came to the city busses.  G-d had provided me with this Subway Angel right when I needed her most. She got off the subway with us and guided us right to the OSC even though it was out of her way.  To be honest, I'd forgotten about her.   I believe that G-d orchestrated me re-meeting her to remind me that He will always provide for me, no matter what.  No matter how big or small, signficant or insignificant my need seems, G-d is looking out for me.
Later in the day, I had a seizures.  The closest security guard happened to have a wife who had epilipsy and was very comfortable around seizures.  I don't think it was a coincidence.  I think it was G-d, once again reminding me that He is looking out for me, no matter what.
Thank you G-d!

In other news:  In the past week I have baked 3 cheesecakes, 4 pies, and 190 tarts.  yeah food!

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