Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer for a Friend (a really cute friend, I might add)

So one of my friends is having surgery on Thursday morning.  It would be really swell if you all could pray for him.  His name is Jude and he is super sweet.  I love him a lot.  See how cute he is:
Mr. Jude is showing off that he has learned how to stand
It's a relatively minor procedure, but he will still have to go under anesthesia, which is never fun.  He was born without the bones in his thumb being properly formed, so on Thursday, if he is healthy enough, the doctor is going to remove his thumb.
Please pray that the surgery goes well and that he is not in too much pain.  Pray for his mom and dad and siblings too.  It's a big deal for your little son or little brother to have surgery. Please pray also for good weather for travelling. The hospital is about 2 hours away from where he lives and it is winter in Canada....
Here's a picture of me with Jude and his sister and brothers:
Such a sweet, squirrelly bunch.  I love them lots and lots.

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