Saturday, February 12, 2011

In case of accidental overdose...

So right now I feel a little like a walking pharmacy.  Just for fun I decided to take a picture of my "collection".  Before anyone panics, I'm not using them all at once, but I have used them all this weekend.  More than once even. And yes, I checked to make sure they all played nice together.
I may be a little less than coherent, but I have absolutely no voice and it frustrates me not to be able to talk to my friends, so I'm going to write, whether it is coherent or not.
Since I am on all these drugs, I've been reading lots of drug labels.  And I noticed something curious.  On most of them, they say something along the lines of "In case of accidental overdose..." It's usually followed by instructions to call poison control, 911, or go to the nearest emergency care facility.  None of them every say "give a glass of milk" or "induce vomiting" anymore. Too much liability I guess.  I understand that parents are going to want to know if their child grabs the Buckley's bottle and starts chugging, other than question the sanity of the the child for wanting to drink it.  Likewise with the icky banana-flavored nystatin.  But why do they feel compelled to put the word "accidental" on there?  Do the instructions change if it is an intentional overdose?  An overdose is still an overdose, regardless of intention...Sometimes I don't understand drug companies.
Speaking of Buckley's, does anybody know of anything that works better?  I'm maxed out on Buckley's and still coughing enough to worry my roommates and make tears run down my face and my stomach hurt.  Anybody got any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Wow thats a load of stuff Joy. I will continue to pray for you. Be encouraged in the Lord.