Friday, February 25, 2011

Diagnosis: Mono

There is a post coming, sometime in the near future, that will have my thoughts and reflection on something of substance...there are a couple already in the works, but for now, an update.
A week ago I posted about being sick and the doctor thinking I had influenza or mono.  At that point they had taken blood and were waiting for results.  I got a call from the doctor today, asking me to call back and get my test results. In Canada, that's usually a bad sign...Firstly, they rarely call for "normal" test results. Secondly, if they are calling for "normal" results, they just leave a message on the answer machine.   So you can imagine what was going through my head as I dialed the number to return the call, especially since the doctor had said at the time that my thyroid appeared to be a little swollen (it was her first time ever seeing my thyroid though).  I made the call and after being transferred to another line and being on hold for awhile, talked to a real person (I think she was a nurse). My thyroid was just as functional as it usually is, so there was no troubles there.  The mono test however, was positive.  I definitely have mono.
The good news is, I am doing better than I was. Yesterday was my first day in a long time that I did not need an afternoon nap, and today I even made it to the pool to get a short, but much needed swim in.
The not as good news is, I may have pushed a little too hard today and might have to pay for it tomorrow.
Here's what I think actually happened in the saga of being sick:  I got a sinus infection first, around the end of January.  Then I got influenza somewhere around the 10th of February.  Then, as I was recovering from influenza, I got mono.  So for awhile, I had both the aftermath of influenza and mono at the same time.  (Note:  this is not recommended.  Ever.).  I'm pretty much over the post-influenza junk (the reason why I've been feeling better-ish), but I still have mono. Which, in comparison to having both mono and influenza, is actually not that bad.   The hardest part now is being patient and not pushing myself too hard too fast and letting my body heal (and remembering to drink lots of water, because according to my roommate, that will drown the mono).
Please continue to pray for healing and for patience, especially since I am going into midterms this week.

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