Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you're gonna have a bad day...  might as well have an awful day.  Because at least then, you can laugh about how ridiculously awful it was.
I woke up before my alarm this morning, which is a good thing, considering I managed to sleep through it earlier this week, but a negative thing since I woke up because my congestion was so bad I was having trouble breathing.  I started my morning with a shot of Buckley's (linked for all you non-Canadians) and a quick breakfast, because it was Thursday, which meant I couldn't eat breakfast in my 8 am class like I do rest of the week.  I e-mailed mom to tell her my precious Buckley's bottle was almost empty and I needed her to send more with someone coming this way tomorrow.
I got my fancy Thursday clothes on (T-shirts aren't allowed in my Thursday class) and made it to class, armed with a cup of respiratory tea.  I settled in for a lecture on the Gospels.  At least, I think that's what it was about.  I was having a hard time focusing (I may have taken some Mucinex and Sudafed along with my Buckley's), but I made it through 3 hours of class, including chapel break.  During break I tried to make some repairs to a Silent Praise practice video so I could set it to re-export (the most time consuming part of the repair process).  I discovered that the source files had been corrupted. I don't even know what that means, other than I had to start all over.
By the time class (and chapel) was over I came home, ready for another dose of Buckley's and lunch.  I accomplished both those things, then noticing a bit of a sore throat developing, decided to take my temperature.  There really ought not to be three digits before the decimal point when you take your temperature.
Regardless of the rising mercury, I had an off campus meeting with someone so I grabbed my bicycle gear and headed out.  As I was unlocking my bike, I dropped the padlock in the snow.  I searched for it, but couldn't find it.  I still had my little lock, and didn't want to be late for my meeting, so I left, resolving to look more thoroughly for it when I got back.
I made it to my meeting in time and checked my text messages quickly.  Olga was reminding me that we had a Greek assignment due tomorrow.  We set a time to work on it together.  I met with my friend.  Now my friend has an indoor palm tree in her sitting room.  I've been there before, so I was aware of this fact.  However, this indoor palm tree has decided that it is spring time.  It is budding and blooming.  Read: producing pollen.  Chalk up my second pollen induced allergic reaction for February.  (The first was Tuesday when a prof brought a hyacinth plant to class).  It is February. I live in Michigan. I should not be having pollen induced reactions.
I made it through my meeting and decided to head over to the aquatic center to work off some stress (and maybe loosen some of the mucus in my lungs).  I unlocked my bike and headed in that direction.  The sun was shining beautifully. I got to the aquatic center and went to lock my bike to the tiny part of the bike rack sticking out of the snow.  I reached for my keys and found what was left of my key chain.  I looked on the ground around me.  They weren't there.  I climbed back on my bike and retraced my route.  Still nothing.  I went back to the aquatic center.  No go.  Went back to where I had come from.  Still no keys.  I gave up and went home.  I couldn't go for a swim without my keys...I couldn't lock my bike and there was no way I was leaving in unlocked at the aquatic center.  This made me sad because I haven't had pool time for two weeks between ear/sinus infections and blizzards and my body really really wants pool time.
As I headed home I realized that I had lost all my key, house, key, mail box key...I hoped that one of my roommates would be home when I got home.  Otherwise, I was gonna be locked out.
I got home and tried the door.  Locked.  No one home. I turned back towards the seminary, unsure what I was going to do. I was freezing from being outside so long looking for my keys. I saw my roommate coming and sighed in relief.  She unlocked the house and I brought my bike down to the basement, since I can't lock it outside with no key.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since it is desperate need of a service job and it's rather cold outside to do an outdoor service right now.
Then I told my roommate about my misadventures.  She laughed (in a good way....I was already laughing and crying).  My throat was hurting worse so I went to take a look at it with my throat-looking light.  It was not a pretty sight.  I'm not sure if it is streppy, angry from my allergic reaction(s) this week, or just raw from coughing so much.  I've decided, in my expert medical opinion,  (Please note how much sarcasm is dripping off that clause) that it simply cannot be strep.  I finished a round of antibiotics less than a week ago.  If I had strep, it would have already been in my system by then, and the antibiotics would have killed it.  (unless of course it was antibiotic-resistant strep).  So for now, no doctor.
I made some special tea, messaged Olga and asked if she wanted to do Greek then instead of the later time we had set.  That was fine, so she came over and we plowed through Greek.
Now it is 6:30 and my bed sounds very, very tempting along with a dose of nyquil like medication.
And this my friends, is how you have a truly bad day.  (I may have missed things.  my brain hurts)
Redeeming point of the day:  Sara Groves music courtesy of an amazing friend.

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