Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The sky is falling!

No, for reals, the sky is falling.  I just saw it.  With my own eyes.  And so did other people. I was coming back from the library post research and stopped at the pond to talk with a friend. While we were talking about how I needed to go put water on for tea, two more friends stopped by and we chatted for a bit.  Then suddenly, one pointed to the sky and said "Look!"  we all looked up and saw what we thought was a shooting star...but then it got bigger and caught on fire...the best way to describe it is like a comet, but not quite.  Very very bright, and hurtling towards earth.  As it got closer to earth there was lightening, like sheet lightening, but a weird color. Then it was over.  If there was an explosion of sorts, it was too far away for us to hear.  My three friends went in the opposite direction of me and I headed back to my room to put water on for the ASL version of Tea and Tales.  While I was going back to my room, more people came and were like "Did you see that? Did you see that?"  They had seen the same thing, so unless there is something really weird in Pella's water, the sky really is falling.

If I was not on a self-imposed, friend enforced, facebook sabbatical, this would make a way cool status update...(that's about the third time I've thought something along those lines tonight). 
By the way, I have 55 participants for my project and three more sign-up up to go tomorrow (my last day).  The goal was 60, but I'll quit after 58 if I have to.  I'm tired of it.

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