Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 weeks

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It's a weird feeling.  In about 3 weeks, I will be done here. I have about 20 classes left (provided I counted properly and included the right cancellations and meetings), 3 or 4 finals (depending how you count them and which classes actually have finals), 2 out of class papers, and 1 presentation left to go. And 200-300 pages of readings for classes left to do.  Then I graduate.
Am I ready?  yes and no.
Part of me is ready to be done with this part of my education, but the most of me is not ready to leave.  If you had asked me four years ago, while I was still finishing high school and prepping to go back to Germany for the summer, if Pella would become home and Central my family, the answer would have been "no way". and the answer would have been wrong.   If you had asked me the same question even the first week I was here, the answer would have been the same.  I cried my first night here.  If you asked me now, the answer would "yes!"
During my first three years here I think I questioned every year whether or not this is where I was supposed to be, and at various times may have even seriously looked at other schools, closer to home.  I'm glad I stayed here. G-d has done such incredible things in my four years here and I have been so blessed.  Yes there have been rough times. Times so rough that I jsut wanted to quit school and go home, but G-d has blessed me so abudantly.  Within the first little time here He provided me with an incredible network of supportive friends.  Friends who went above and beyond to be there for me, no matter how difficult I was (and I was difficult at times) and even though many of that first group have graduated, there has still been an incredible group of people surrounding me and supporting me.
This year when I came to campus I had no intention of seeking out new relationships.  If I did, it would just be harder to leave.  G-d had other plans.  The people he has brought into my life this year, people I did not know before, have been incredible.  Walking with them, having them walk with me, goofing off with them, playing badminton with them at midnight, hugging them, crying with them, rejoicing with them...all of it has made this year a richer expereince.
I have three weeks left.  I can't even begin to imagine how incredible those three weeks are going to be.  I have some plans in place for them (a cloning event, dutch dancing, picnics of multiple sorts, etc), but I'm sure there are things that will happen that I never even imagined.
3 weeks here, home for the summer, and then off to Western, in  Holland, MI.  Will Western become home and family to me?  No way! ;)
The picture really has nothing to do with my was just a cool picture I took yesterday.  I ike the water drops on the tulip.

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Valerie said...

Awesome note, & awesome picture. (& awesome GOD!)