Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Double your Joy

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Just a quick note before I get to the "meat" of this post...I'm typing this with my computer screen enlarged to 150%.  My vision has become increasingly blurred over the last week or so and we aren't quite sure why yet.  So if you are the praying type, prayers would be appreciated.  We are hoping it's just a change in my eye glass prescription.
On to the good stuff...
Sometimes in college life gets really busy.  Especially if you are a senior and have a huge research project and stuff.  Sometimes you have to be in two or three places at the same time.  And you really ought to go to all the places.  Mostly because you are a senior and they are dinners in honor of the seniors.  But you haven't been in college for four years for nothing so you get really creative...
First you find a big piece of paper and a friend:

You lay really still and let your friend trace all around you.  Sometimes it's really awkward if your friend's roommate's parents come and you are laying really still and can't get up and greet them properly.  Ooooppppssss. Then you spread out in the hallway (because your room is too full of books and other important stuff...or just plain too messy) and pick out the clothes your double is going to wear and start painting them:

Add a watch so that your double will always know what time it is and be on time for all the important functions you need to be at:

(The watch says "N:OW"...sorry the pic isn't very clear)
Next, add some important jewelery:
(medic alert, kayak bracelet, trip bracelet)
Realize that you would fail if you tried to draw your own face so find a friend to come do your face and hair:
(Go Ami!  You're doing a great job!)

(Face and hair all done)
Realize that if you are going to a dinner, you really need something on your feet, so add some socks:

Cut yourself out and hand yourself on the wall to finish drying overnight:

(It is a little disconcerting to wake up in the morning and see yourself hanging on the wall)
Finally, deliver yourself to the people who will take your double to the event that you can't go to because you are at a different event:

(Yeah Mary!)
Now, if I could just get my double to do my homework and take my finals for me it would be even more wonderful. For now, I'll just let her attend senior dinners for me.

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