Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You know you're a swimmer when...

Due to an unfortunate event involving a carrot, a super sharp knife, and my left middle finger on Sunday night I couldn't go for my swim this morning.  So I decided to write about swimming instead.
You know you're a swimmer when...
...swimming with a new pair of goggles makes you super happy
...you go through swim suits faster than you do clothes (mom, that's a hint.  It's gonna be new swim suit time again)
...many of your facebook ads are swimming related
...you willingly go to swim meets even though you  aged out of the swim club years ago
...you know what the event numbers mean for  your local swim club/association
...you injure yourself and second to realizing that you interrupted a baby shower to get help, you are upset that the injury means you're out of the pool for a few days
...you get up before 7 on a Saturday morning so you can get in some lane swim before going to market (pool doesn't open earlier than 7)
...you get up by 6 on weekdays during the summer so you can swim
...you go to the pool more than once a day
...you don't remember the last time you showered at home because you shower more than enough at the pool
...your hair seldom gets a chance to dry all the way
...you have willingly worn a swim suit two sizes to small for a race
...you have forgotten you are wearing your swimsuit and gone to the grocery store decked out in a racing suit, swim cap, goggles, and a swim skirt and weren't able to figure out why people were staring at you funny
...the only reason you bother keeping your asthma under good control is so that you can swim
...when you can't swim you spend all day thinking about how wonderful it would be to be in the pool

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