Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

So I was sitting on the couch this Sunday afternoon trying to work on next Sunday's sermon (it's coming awful hard this week), when I started craving peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  Which wouldn't be such a bizarre craving, except I'm severely allergic to peanuts. Not just "if I eat I'll get sick" type allergic, but "if I touch I'll swell up and if I'm foolish enough to eat something with peanuts in it I'll be needing the emergency room and fast" type allergic.  Thankfully, there is soy butter, and even better than that, I still have some of the good Canadian soy butter that mom got me last time I was up on the farm (sorry America, this time Canada wins).
Unfortunately, every peanut butter cookie recipe I found online either had an abundance of eggs in it or required other ingredients that I simply did not have on hand.  I was stumped, but still really craving peanut butter cookies. So I decided to invent a recipe. I mean, inventing a recipe can't be all that hard, can it?  I soon found out...
The most important thing I learned about inventing cookie recipes is to first decide how much dry ingredients I want to use and THEN add appropriate liquid, not the other way around.  Cookies, in reasonable amounts, take a startling small amount of liquid.  My 5 quart mixer got a work-out today to say the least.
Second thing I learned is that Joy-butter is relatively mild in flavor compared to bean flour blends.   A rice flour blend would likely have been a much better choice, or at least a higher rice flour to bean flour ratio.
I'm not super impressed with my recipe yet.  It's going to take at least one more go around before I get something I'm happy enough with to actually share (or someone with more refined taste buds than me to try these and tell me how they like them), but I'm most impressed that they held together.  It's been awhile since I've made a cookie that actually held together.  No crumbling, no "going out" in the oven, just a real solid cookie.
And that has been my Sunday afternoon adventure.

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