Monday, July 11, 2011

Stormy Weather

Today we were "blessed" with severe thunderstorms.  We did need the rain, but maybe not the high winds that came with them. There are reports of trees down and damage all over the place.  I don't dare venture out on foot because there are more storms on their way according to the weatherman.
Up until today there were only two places I really felt safe from storms -the lower chapel at Central and my parent's house in Ontario.  If I wasn't in either of those two places, storms terrified me.  Especially thunder.  I could put on a brave "camp counselor" front if I needed to, but the truth is, I don't like storms.  But this morning I felt perfectly secure here in my apartment. Guess that means this place is becoming home to me.
I shot a bit of a video of the storm this morning.  Just as I stopped filming a huge gust of wind ripped through.  You can see it on the tail end of the clip.  Then the power went out.

I stayed close to home after the first round of storms passed because there were more in the forecast and I didn't want to venture out on foot.  I've heard reports of trees down all over the place though, some completely uprooted.
This tree across the street from me got struck by lightening.  It's being supported by the tree next to it

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