Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interactive Blog Post: I need YOUR help

Hello everyone who reads what I write
I'm working on a sermon (okay, I'm almost always working on a sermon) and I'd love it if you could share your stories about how requests or prayers or desired were answered or fulfilled in unexpected or unusual ways.  It doesn't necessarily have to be prayers like praying to a higher being, it can be anything, just unusual or unexpected ways that requests were fulfilled.  If I decide to use your story in my sermon,  will make every effort to contact you before hand and I will change all names to protect your privacy, because privacy is important.
You can either leave your story as a comment, private message it to me on Facebook or e-mail me at .
Thanks for your help!

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Valerie said...

When I was little, one of my greatest goals of my entire life was to see Amy Grant in concert. & even though we didn't have much money at alllllll, one year my mom managed to get us tickets! I was thrilled. & then I got sick. I prayed so hard, & even drank all this water & took all my medicine without complaining... but I didn't get better & didn't get to go. After that, I sort of fell into the idea that God doesn't want us to have what we want, only what we need. So wrong! Years later there was a different concert I wanted to attend, a new band I though I'd like. Then I became convinced that it was on the same day I already had plans. But I checked again for some reason, & it wasn't! I got to go to that concert, & that band became my absolute favorite, put out albums that spoke to my heart with what I needed to hear when they came out, & introduced me to lots of new friends who changed my life (one of whom is the one who suggested I try working at Camp Barnabas, which of course is one of the most life-altering things that ever happened to me). That day I figured out that God does like us to get what we want, when it is also in line with what He wants. We can enjoy God's will! He does want us to be happy, & created us with our own particular desires & passions & skills & experience for good reasons!