Friday, June 03, 2011

When G-d's people pray: A story of healing

Two weeks ago I sat in the emergency room, crying in pain,  listening to a doctor I've seen before and trust (she has a stellar reputation), tell me that I had almost certainly torn the rotator cuff in my left shoulder.
Four days later (Tuesday) I sat in the doctor's office as another doctor agreed with the ER doctor (without having seen her notes) -- I had most likely partially or completely torn my rotator cuff.  I'd be in a sling for 2-3 weeks at least and needed to start physical therapy to safely keep my shoulder from freezing up while not doing any more damage to my shoulder.  He prescribed some narcotic pain killers (ick!) to take the edge off of things and told me to follow-up with a doctor in a week so they could do another, more complete assessment (at the time it was still too swollen and painful to do anything with).
During the following week I very carefully and slowly (one handed typing takes me forever) typed out a prayer request to send to some of my praying friends who are further away and I hadn't communicated with in person.  By the time I sent it out, there were about 70 names on the "to" list.
A week later I returned to yet a third doctor for my follow-up assessment.  She agreed with the conclusions of the first two and referred me on to imaging for x-rays and an ultrasound and told me to continue with my physical therapy, as tolerated, but to be careful so I didn't do any more damage until we knew exactly what we were dealing with.
Today, only 3 days after that assessment, I managed to raise my arm all the way above my head. I haven't worn the sling at all today.  I haven't taken narcotic pain killers since Monday (5 days ago). I have a prescription anti-inflammatory cream that I've been using a couple times a day and a heating pad to help with some muscle stiffness. I'm getting more and more use of it back. I even lifted a quart jar of olives from the refrigerator to the counter this afternoon without too much pain.  I still have no strength in my arm when I have it above shoulder height and it is still painful if I move it wrong.  There are still a few motions (external rotation specifically) that are painful and scary.  And now, at the end of a busy day, it is aching pretty good.

The bottom line is this: either three doctors were independently wrong in their diagnoses or something unexplainable in medical terms happened. (A rotator cuff takes 4-6 months to heal, if it's a partial tear.  A complete tear takes significantly longer.  Medically speaking, 2 weeks post injury, I should not be able to do everything that I can do with it today.)
Some one asked me recently if I believed that G-d still healed people today.  I told him yes then.  I'd tell him an even bigger yes today.  I go Monday for my X-rays and ultrasound.  Anyone really think they'll find something wrong?

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Anonymous said...

God certainly does heal, I've seen it myself in so many people with so many conditions, from paralysis to Celiac Disease. God certainly is GOOD and it is He who is rapidly healing your shoulder. Praise Him.