Friday, June 10, 2011


This rant is directed at no one in particular...mostly just at life in general, yes there have been more than a few triggering events in the last week or so, but they have all been dealt with in a more appropriate manner than a public rant.
It is very frustrating when people try and decide for me what accommodations or support I need or whether or not I should participate in a certain activity.  

I realize I have limitations.  I realize there are things that I cannot or should not do.  I know what these things are.  I know that being around strobe lights is a bad idea.  I know that eating a peanut butter cookie is a bad idea.  I know that staying up late/not getting enough sleep is a bad idea.  I know that driving a car is a bad idea until the seizures go away.  And hey, guess what!  I can make decisions about these kinds of things all by myself!

I know that I need signal lights to alert me to alarm clocks and smoke detectors.  I know that I need to input information in ways other than just normal sound. I know that I need to be careful what I eat so I don't get sick.  I know I need to watch my fluid and potassium intake.  I know I need to take my meds.  I know I need to use handrails if I'm having a bad balance day.  And hey, guess what! I know all those things all by myself!

Even if I don't always act like it (I still like coloring books and play-doh and popsicles and playgrounds), I am an adult. I can make these decisions myself.

I'm no longer 5 or 6 years old.  Or even 14.  I am a responsible adult (at least, most the time).
I touched on this briefly in the post "In the Interim" a short time ago when I shared a post from a friend, but this time, it's my words.   Just because I live with differing abilities doesn't mean I can't make my own decisions.

Let me be a grown-up, please.

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