Monday, June 13, 2011

My Father's Voice

Every morning that I'm on the farm, almost like clockwork, I hear the good morning voice.  It starts in the back on the upstairs hall "Good Morning Isaac" and then moves forward calling to the girls.  Then downstairs for Ben, Reuben, and Me.  The order changes only if we change beds or someone isn't home.  Every time it says "Good Morning" there is a replying, sleepier voice responding with "Good Morning Papa."  If we fail to respond, the voice calls to us again.  And again, and again, until we respond.
It's that voice, that deep, reassuring voice, that brings us all out of our world of dreams, or the land of half wakefulness that we are lying in. It's the voice of our father, calling to us to once again join the land of the awake.   To rise and do our chores, eat breakfast and continue with our day.
On occasion, his alarm doesn't go off or he is tempted to snuggle under the covers a little longer than normal, or he gets a service call before wake up time and isn't able to "good morning" us at the normal time.  Even though it's a little thing, even though we are all perfectly capable of getting ourselves up in the morning, it throws off our routine.
Often, I am half awake, or even all the way awake before he calls me for morning time. I lay there in my bed and wait for him to call to me.  My ears are tuned to his voice, to the words he is going to say and I am ready to reply.
One morning I lay in my bed, waiting, and waiting, and waiting (he'd snuggled longer than usual).  As I waited I thought about it.  I'm super attentive to my father's voice in the morning time, but what about my other Father?  How often do I sit in silence, in stillness and wait for Him to speak to me?  If I'm completely honest, not often enough.  It's easier to listen for a familiar voice with my normal ears.  It takes more patience to listen with the ears of my heart to another familiar voice. This makes me sad.  It should not be this way.
What about you? Do you find it easier to listen with normal ears than the ears of your heart? How do you train the ears of your heart?
I think it has a lot to do with routine and practice.  My normal ears are trained to hear my father's voice.  It comes every morning.  I expect it.  I spend time with my father, so I know his voice. I think, if I want to tune the ears of my heart towards my Father, I need to make it more of my routine to listen to Him instead of fitting Him into my schedule.  And, I need to expect Him to speak, to call to me.
All this thinking reminded me of a song.  Here's a video.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that was captioned.  Sorry.

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