Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Morning

I woke up early this morning.  Not super early, but early enough that I had a couple hours before church.  My first thoughts were: I can get up, get dressed, listen to music and work on my paper or journal (which really are pretty close to the same thing).  These thoughts were followed almost immediately by: OR I could put on my paint clothes and work on the painting I sketched out in my head last night.
Painting won. And then I made a poorer choice...I decided to try and eat breakfast while I painted.  Note to self:  Eating finger food (dry cereal) with your fingers, while painting, is a bad idea.  It's a good thing my paints are non-toxic. 
At quarter to church I realized that I was still in my paint clothes, still hadn't combed my hair and in general was not ready for church. Anybody who has seen my paint clothes knows that going to church in them is a bad idea.  So I took a quick snapshot of my work, washed out my brushes and got into Sunday clothes.  It's a good thing church is just across the street and my Sunday shirt has long sleeves so it hid the paint on my arms.
Here's a peek at what I had done before church:
After church and lunch were done I came back to my room with the intention of working on my paper before going upstairs for a stats party.  It didn't happen.  Here's what did happen:

This painting can best be understood with words of the Phil Wickham song "You're Beautiful" since that is where I got my inspiration.  Click here for a link to the lyrics of the song or click here to go to a YouTube video of the song if you'd rather hear it while reading the words (I did not make this video).
I have really liked this song ever since we first sang it at worship and last night I got the desire to paint it.  So I did. 
Have a blessed Sunday!

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Valerie said...

Wow Joy, that's pretty much one of my favorite paintings ever!
I love that song, too.