Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unexpected Phone Call

Shortly before lunch today the phone rang.  I was back in my "office" (aka the bathroom of the grandparent flat: it's warm, dry, and quiet) struggling with a paper. There were enough other people inside that I didn't worry about answering it.  Shortly I felt footsteps coming towards my office.  I sure wasn't expecting any phone calls.  Mom knocked on the door as I looked up from Calvin.
"Dr. B wants to know if you want to see him."
My brow surely crinkled as I processed this new, unexpected tidbit of information.  Dr. B?  That's my neurologist here in Ontario.  In the City.  Typically it takes forever to get an appointment to see him.  And by forever I mean months and months.  I have plans to leave for Iowa on the 8th or the 9th and nothing is going to get in the way of those plans!  I forbid it to.
"He has an opening tomorrow if you want it"
Tomorrow?  As in the day after today?  yeah, I'll go.  I've been wanting to see him for some time now, just to retouch base and to discuss some important things with him.  Things like medication levels and debilitating headaches, and you know, maybe the odd seizure that pops up every now and then.  Afterall, he is my neurosurgeon.  Perhaps he'll want to peek at Spot, but I doubt it.  They checked on Spot not too long ago and said he was behaving.
So tomorrow morning, earlier than early, Mom and I will leave for the City.  Prayers would be appreciated.  It's a decent drive and some of the roads between here and there in the winter weather leave a lot to be desired.   Prayers would also be appreciated for the visit itself. There's always a lot of anxiety around these kinds of visits, especially when I'm being fit in on short notice.
So praying friends, please pray.

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