Friday, May 13, 2011

Walt the Pocket Kangaroo Rides a Train

When Walt the Pocket Kangaroo was done at seminary for the semester and ready to head back up to Canada, he decided to take the Amtrack train.  He was very excited, but also a little nervous about it.  He  had never been on a train before.  First, he caught the train in Holland.  It was a very nice train, called a Superliner.  He got to sit upstairs, in a very comfy seat with lots of foot room and watch out the window.
Walt the Pocket Kangaroo thought the seats were very big and comfy.

Walt the Pocket Kangaroo had a long layover in Chicago.  He was very sleepy because he had been too excited to sleep the night before (His human was also very sleepy).  So they made a cave to nap in.  Just after they fell asleep, the mean policewomen came and woke them up and told them they weren't allowed to sleep in the train station.  That made them a little grumpy.

Their train from Chicago to Port Huron left at 4:10.  They wanted to make sure they didn't miss it, so they set an alarm to remind them to pay attention.  
The second train wasn't as nice as the first, but they had a seat to themselves so they curled up and slept part of the way, because, you are allowed to sleep on the train.  When they got to Port Huron they were very very tired and ready for bed. A very nice uncle and cousin to Walt's human picked them up and brought them a nice warm bed.  They slept very well.
All in all, Walt the Pocket Kangaroo enjoyed his train trip and wants to travel by train again sometime. 

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