Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shearing Days

Once a year we shear the alpacas.  It's kinda sorta a really big deal.  Lots of work, lots of people, lots of food.  Usually my job is in the kitchen, but the first two times we shore this year (Tuesday night and Friday) we were super short handed so I was out on the shearing floor.  Due to an unfortunate event on Friday I spent most of Saturday on the shearing floor too.  But everyone still got to eat.  The food wasn't amazing this year, but no one starved.  Since I was on the shearing floor all three times, I got to take "pre-shear" or "full-fleece" pictures of all our animals.  (they were supposed to be done the week before, but due to non-stop rain, they hadn't been)
Here's some pictures from our shearing days:
Duchess doesn't quite understand the concept of holding still for her picture.  Actually, Duchess doesn't quite understand the concept of holding still for anything.
Caasi stands nice for her picture.  She's a bit older and knows the drill.  Caasi was the very first alpaca born on our farm.
Isaac snuck into the shearing line up.
If it's in the lineup, it goes on the table and gets shorn...that's just how it works.
Idaho is a little frisky.  She's another one that doesn't like to stand still.
Annie got herself stuck under the hay feeder while waiting her turn to be shorn.
This one gets cuddles and chin scratches
While they are on the table they get a pedicure and a smile job as well.
In the first three days of shearing (all on our farm) we did approximately 43 animals. 

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