Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walt the Pocket Kangaroo goes to the Fibre Festival

After Walt the Pocket Kangaroo got home from seminary, he went to a fibre festival at the Ancaster Fairgrounds to help out there.  It was the first  year for this fibre festival, so business was a little slow, but that gave Walt a little more time to walk around and see people, and even learn some new tricks.  The fibre festival will still be happening Sunday, so if you missed Friday and today, you can still check it out Sunday.  Anacster Fairgrounds, on Trinity Road (not on the road they used to be on back in 2003. There's houses there now).  And, if you want yarn goodies (or goodles, as some might say) and can't make it to the festival, talk to me and I can point you in the right direction. I know people who know people and all that good stuff.
Walt the Pocket Kangaroo spent most of his time at the Abstract Alpaca Consortium booth (since that was where he was supposed to be helping).  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.  From left to right, top to bottom: Walt snuggled with an alpaca teddy, investigate the yarn, looked at socks (and was sad because there were none his size), looked at pretty rovings for hand spinning, admired the felted banner, played in a swing made out of yarn, enjoyed standing on the luxurious crocheted alpaca rug made from rovings, and enjoyed the feel of raw alpaca fleece.
When Walt the Pocket Kangaroo wasn't at the Abstract Alpaca Consortium (AAC) booth he was hanging out with the awesome guys from the Crochet Crowd at their booth, right next door.  Mikey and Dave were super awesome and super helpful.  They let people try out their knitting looms and showed us how to make socks on a sock loom.  On the top left, Walt the Pocket Kangaroo is posing with the baby socks made on the sock loom.  They are still a bit too big for him.  On the right, Walt picked out some sock yarn from the AAC and then bought a sock loom to take home.  He is working on a pair of socks for his human.  On the lower left, Walt is checking out a new infinity loom from DA looms.  It's an amazing knitting loom that lets you make a 5 foot wide afghan, quite easily.  He is sitting on the very first afghan made with the new loom. He wanted to take one home with him, but his human couldn't afford it, especially not after getting the sock loom. Click on the picture to enlarge

Walt the Pocket Kangaroo got to try his hand at spinning with a drop spindle.  They even had a Walt sized spindle for him to use.  Thank you for being there and letting Walt try things out Gemini Fibres!

All this Fibre Festival stuff is hungry work! Walt the Pocket Kangaroo got to have his favorite snack: Watermelon!

Walt the Pocket Kangaroo voted for his favorite entries in three categories: Fashion, Art and Utility.  It was really neat to see what people had done with natural fibres!
Walt the Pocket Kangaroo went out to the barn to see a camel.

He also saw a 3 week old llama baby.  Walt isn't particularly fond of llamas, but this baby was kinda cute.  The baby was a preemie, otherwise he would have been bigger.  He also seemed to have some brain damage, but that might have been just because he was a llama.

Saffron the house alpaca came in to the vendor fair and met Walt the Pocket Kangaroo close up.  She even gave him kisses, but his human didn't catch any on camera.  Saffron won first place in the full fleece show.

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