Friday, January 28, 2011

This is Your Brain on Drugs

As I lay down to sleep last night I could hear machinery outside my window clearing snow and ice away from the streets and parking lots.  It was loud and noisy.  I knew exactly what it was, but my brain was under the influence of a NyQuil like substance (I didn't have NyQuil so I made my own.  It had all the same ingredients).  As I lay there I saw an image straight out of one of my childhood story books.  It was a book about this thing that was half monster, half machine.  It looked kinda like an overgrown giraffe on wheels.  Anyhow, this thing had a name, which I currently can't remember, so I'm just going to call him a machino-saurus.  This machino-saurus wasn't mean, but he was a picky eater.  He only ate the tops of things.  Tops of trees and tops of houses mostly. This of course created problems for the other inhabitants of story-book land.  Especially when he ran out of tree tops to eat and started eating houses.  So they fed him pie and made a deal with him that they would feed him pie if he stopped eating their houses. And everyone lived happily ever after (okay, so there was a bit more to the story, but those are the important things).
So I'm laying in my bed hearing the machinery outside my window and being a little trippy from the drugs and all of a sudden I'm convinced that the machino-saurus is coming to eat the top of my house.  I am not at all happy with this.  I'm scared of the machino-saurus because my room is upstairs so if he ate the top of my house, he'd eat me by accident.  I remember at one point I was nearly hyperventilating out of fear of the machino-saurus.  Then, I realized that if he at the top of my house, I would be able to lay in bed, snug and warm and watch the stars.  This made me happy.  So I went to sleep. And I dreamt of pie.
This my friends, is why you should not take drugs.


Moria said...

I remember that story. Machino-saurus sounds really familar, that might be his name. It is probably still in the book cupboard at home.

Joy said...

Someone at home will have to look in the book cupboard and see... I know it's a yellow/orangish book...and there is a detective involved.

tpoot said...

the name is Machino-saurus....i remember cause you always said it differently than Mom did when you would read it to Moria and me, or the little boys.

Joy said...

How many different ways can one say "Machino-saurus"? I miss that book... I wish I could remember more of the story line.

Joy said...

I found the book on Amazon. It's called "There's a Monster Eating My House"
Ebay had better pictures though: