Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retreat, part 5: Celebration

My group presented celebration as our spiritual discipline.  I'm not going to write much about it, let it suffice to say that celebration is pretty cool and I like it.  Our guided experience started with musical chairs (one of my favorite party games).  It was helped along by the fact that our music for the experience was "the Chicken Dance".  So we got musical chairs and chicken dancing all at the same time.  The photos aren't real great because I was standing where I could start and stop the music and trying to take pictures at the same time. We played three separate games concurrently to save time.  Then the winners had a face off.   Seminary students are some of the most competitive musical chair players I have ever seen!
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After musical chairs we ate cake and then smashed a piñata.  Piñata photos are available here. After making the piñata a piece of history we headed to the onion room to celebrate each other and the greatest reason for celebration of all: Jesus Christ.  In our peer groups we took some time to affirm each other and celebrate growth, then we had the opportunity to serve each other communion.  We didn't have gluten free elements (which is my fault as much as anyone's, since my group planned the communion) so I didn't get to partake, but I still got to celebrate.  When my group was done I "snuck" some pictures of other groups finishing up.
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Conclusions: celebrate the little things.  embrace your inner child and play.  celebrate each other.  celebrate Christ.

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