Thursday, January 20, 2011


Usually I love my hearing aids. Right now though, I think we are enemies.  I've got a nasty pimple in my left ear that makes wearing my left HA uncomfortable.  Then, last night, my right ear suffered a high velocity impact with a very solid object, also known as the head of a child I was playing with at work.  The impact drove my hearing aid much farther into my ear than it ever really should go and did something creative with my earing and ear lobe. I'm not sure whether the HA cut the ear drum or just cut inside of my ear canal (it's hard to see into ears, especially your own), but either way it hurts like crazy and bled.  There is visible bruising on my ear lobe and my neck just behind my ear. The child's head was fine.
This is why I should not wear my hearing aids when we have gym night and I am playing with the kids.  Except that I'm the teacher and actually need to know what the kids are saying. Or they should invent hearing aids that are soft and squishy for crazy people like me who play with preschoolers/kindergarten students.

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