Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Study for Finals

1. Start by determining which subject you will be evaluated in.  In this case, it's  Old Testament, specifically the prophets and post-exilic period.
2. Open the study sheet file and glance at it briefly.
3. Have a snack.
4. Go to internship and remember how much you love your job.
5. Play with small children at internship.
6. Discover quality study materials, such as those pictured below, while looking for material for your Wednesday night class.
This really does count as studying, right?
7. Share your high quality study aids with someone else taking the exam.
8. Discuss the resource with someone who should know the material but doesn't.
9. Eat supper.
10. Prepare to teach your Wednesday night program.  Decide that glitter paint and snowflakes is a great plan.
11. Realize that everyone else except you knows that Wednesday night programming has been changed.
12. Make sure your teaching partner grabs the stuffed monkey/bear puppet, Grampy.
13. Make sure Grampy has a scarf and all your children have their coats, hats, and mitts.

14. Get on a bus with five small children and drive to the Hospice House.
15. Appreciate the fact that you have practiced playing "follow the leader" many times.
16. Keep track of the winter gear for your five children.
17. Carol nicely with many children.

18.  Return to the church with all your children, all their hats and mitts, and Grampy.
19.  Give them all milk and cookies and send them home.
20. Go home and finish writing a paper.
21. Post pictures on FB.
22.  Scan your notes.  Realize that you have written such gems as "Nahum is the oddest book in the Bible" and "I’m coming down with the flu so I’m not following real well anymore."
23.  Write a blog post.
24.  Realize your brain is not likely to retain much information at this time of night.
25.  Go to bed, wake up and reread all your notes.
26.  Say a prayer and take your final!
27. Make a promise to yourself not to procrastinate so much next semester.
28.  Repeat.

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