Monday, December 06, 2010

Evolution of Friendship

So I didn't do such a good job being attentive in church Sunday morning.  Instead I jotted these thoughts down on a slip of paper. It's not much and maybe not cohesive, but it was on my heart.
Will you be my friend?
Let's share the blocks.
You can play with my truck.
Can I play with your doll?
Let's make a club.
You can be part of my fort.
We have the coolest club ever!
You can't come to my birthday party!
I'm never talking to you again!
Her clothes are so last year.  We can't be friends with her.
You can be our friend if....
Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
Friends forever, friends again? Never!
Classmate, acquaintance, friend, colleague?
For today, for tomorrow, for a season, for a lifetime?
Networking, name dropping, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
How did we get from there to here?
From blocks and trucks to jobs and references?
From acceptance to exclusivity?
From a "forever" you could believe in to a "forever" you can't believe exists?
From whole hearts to broken hearts?
Can we go back to a time before, to a time of innocence?
We must learn to live in this.
This world we have created.
We must strive to create a better one for those who follow us.
jep 05.12.10

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Sara's Stories said...

I wrote a blog on friendship yesterday also. I don't know if you read it or not, but it goes along well with what you've written here. Mine focuses mostly on the 'Facebook Friendship.' I hope you'll take a look at it! :)