Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventures in Baking

 Some very wise family member (I think it was my sister if I recall) got me this delightful cookbook for Christmas.  I'm not sure who was more excited: me or my family.  Regardless, we've all been eating our share of baked goods this week (and it's only Wednesday!)
The first recipe I tried was double chocolate chip cookies.
I made them before church Sunday morning and they turned out marvelously.
We brought them along to family Christmas and didn't bring any of them home at all!  I also made apple butter thumbprint cookies (they were supposed to be chocolate, but I was chocolated out!) and chocolate chip cookies.  I wasn't overly impressed with the chocolate chip cookies, but I think that had something to do with my oven temperature being off (our thermostat for the oven is temperamental).
Today I made a mango betty.  I'm not quite sure what a betty is supposed to be, but this was not a big hit with my family.  It was rather dry, so it got a sad face in the cookbook.  But after I was done baking that, I made these:

Cinnamon rolls. They were supposed to be for tomorrow's breakfast.  About half of them are left in the pan. I had never had a cinnamon roll before, so I don't know how they are supposed to taste, but I didn't hear any complaints.
Isaac pretty much inhaled his. He's never had a cinnamon roll before either.

The project for tomorrow is some sort of bread type thing. I haven't decided what yet...maybe rolls.


Angela said...

I'm definitely going to be trying apple butter in my next batch of thumbprints...yours looked so good! Sad that the mango betty wasn't a hit :( but HOORAY!! for the cinnamon rolls. They look DELICIOUS and have me thinking that perhaps we a batch of them ourselves today! We'll see how the morning goes...
So glad to have found you here again. And, when I have some time, I will follow your directions and set up my google reader. So I can stalk you more effectively. LOL!
Happy baking!! xo

Joy said...

more effective stalking is the best! :)