Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lesson from a Yearling

A couple weeks ago we had shearing day on our farm.  Shearing day is kinda  a big deal, both for the animals and the humans.  For the animals they get their winter coats off, for the humans, it's a lot of work (and good food). The animals don't always appreciate being put on the table and shorn, but they sure appreciate it afterwards when it's real hot and they don't have 10 pounds of fleece keeping them warm.  Because they are animals and not human, they don't always understand what is happening and try and fight it.  When that happens sometimes they get hurt.  If they kick or flinch at the wrong time sometimes the clippers catch a bit more than fleece and they need tissue glue or stitches...that's what happened to one of our yearling boys, Zechariah, and that's what led to the lesson I learned.
Zech had gotten his stitches in on shearing day because of a small cut on his belly.  Yesterday it was time to take them out.  Mommy, Papa and I went out to the pasture and very calmly caught Zech.  He was fine until Papa caught him.  Then he started to fight a bit.  Papa rolled him onto his side and Mommy and Papa held him still while I worked with my scissors removing the stitches.  Zech cried his little alpaca cries and tried to kick at us the entire time.  He didn't know what was going on and he was scared. Even though we have ever only wanted what was best for him, he didn't trust us.  Even though I bring him food and treats and make sure he has water and spray him with the hose on hot days, he didn't trust me because he didn't understand the big picture.
It made me think.  Sometimes I behave a lot like Zech.  I have a G-d who has never wanted anything but the very best for me.  He provides for me the things I need and blesses me with things that I don't need, but make my life more pleasant, yet I don't always trust Him. Often when He is working on me or in me, I fight it.  Like Zech I cry and kick (okay, maybe not just like Zech, since I'm not a yearling alpaca, but figuratively).  I tell G-d  that He doesn't know what He's doing, I cry because I'm scared and can't see the big picture.  Even if Zech could see the big picture, I don't think he'd understand, because he has an alpaca brain.  If he could see the big picture it would prolly overwhelm him.  I can't see G-d's big picture for me either, and even if I could, I'm sure it would overwhelm me - I just have a human brain.
Taking the stitches out would have been easier and been done quicker if Zech had held still.  In fact, if he had been trusting and held still earlier, he wouldn't have needed the stitches in the first place and we wouldn't have had to take them out.  I wonder, how much easier things would be for me if I just trusted G-d, if I just held still and let Him have His way with me, instead of crying and fighting the whole time?  How would my life be different if I really submitted to Him in everything?  If I took the hard stuff from Him (the scary shearings, the stitches) as easily as I take the good stuff (food, clean water, hosings on hot days), how would I be changed?  How much quicker would the hard stuff be over if I didn't fight it?

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