Monday, June 14, 2010

Every time I fall

It's been awhile since I've written poetry for sharing.  Wasn't sure at first if I was going to share this one, but I decided to, so enjoy.
Every Time I Fall
How many times must I fall,
Before I learn to walk?
How many times must I fail,
Before I learn how to succeed?
How many fights do I have to fight,
Before I learn how weak I really am?
How many bad choices must I make,
Before I learn which the good ones are?

Every time I fall,
Every time I fail,
Every fight I fight,
Every choice I make,

Everything brings up the same lies:
I have fallen too far,
I am too bad,
I don’t deserve your love.

Everything drives me back to the same place:
I am a wretched sinner,
Completely unable to do any good,
Inclined to all that is evil.

Everything drives me back to the same truth:
I am Your child,
Washed in Your blood,
Saved by Your grace.

I am weak, but You are strong.
I am foolish, but You are wise.
I am tired, but You never grow weary.
I am undeserving, but You gave Your son anyhow.

I am human, You are my G-d.

Every time I fall, catch me in Your arms.
Every time I fail, teach me how You succeed.
Every time I fight, fight in my place.
Every choice I make, keep me within Your will.

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