Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday already?

Somehow it made it to Monday and brought me along with it.  I'm not quite sure where the last week went. I've now survived two weekends (5 days) of shearing and all the prep work in between.
Yesterday was our biggest single day shearing of the year.  We had 28 animals to do.  I had the kitchen mostly to myself.  Here's a picture of my number 1 helper for the day:

Saffron, about 1 month old
When she was sleeping she was a big help...when she wasn't sleeping she either wanted fed or was terrorizing the house.  She's teething and loves to teeth on paper...her humans don't always like it when she eats all the papers.
We don't have a shearing this coming weekend so it's nice to have a week with no shearing prep to do.  The weekend after we are at it again and then I'm not sure what happens.  I think we might be done after that.  I hope we are done after that.
Really not a whole lot has happened in this past week and it doesn't look like a whole lot is coming up this week.  I like that.  A nice slow week...maybe some time to rest and recuperate.  I've got some nasty sinus/allergy stuff going on that is no fun, so maybe the extra rest will fix that.  Maybe, I'll also have some time to have some thoughts and write them up instead of just sharing them with the dog...
Be blessed!

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