Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home again

If I could get my computer to type what I'm thinking or if I could teach the dog to type for me, there would have been something up here sooner...unfortuntely, neither of those seem to be likely to happen anytime soon.
I am back in Canada.  We got back around noon on Monday.  The trip back was good, at least, what I can remember of it.  I was pretty tired so I slept through a lot of it.  Coming home is a lot like going back in time.  Everything here is a few weeks behind what it was in Pella.  In Pella the tulips were done, many of the tulips in our front yard were just starting to come into flower on Monday.  There were a lot more leaves on the trees in Pella too.  It means I get to do spring all over again.
The pace of life here is much different than it was at Central and it's going to take some time for me to adjust.  My body isn't used to being on my feet all day. It didn't help that I came home right at one of the busiest weeks of the year- the week before shearing weekend.  We will start shearing here on Saturday and then shear at another farm on Sunday and Monday.  My job shearing weekend, especailly on Saturday, is to keep everyone fed.  Not a simple task when it's 2-3 dozen people (won't know numbers for sure until the day of), meal times are super flexible, and meals will likely be eaten in shifts (one crew will come eat while the other keeps working and then switch, so that there is never a real break).  I started food prep for that today.
Isaac had the day off school today because there was no water at his school.  We got the call while he was downstairs taking apart a camera, and being the "mean" big sister I am, I decided not to tell him and see what he did.  He came up at the right time and started getting his school stuff together.  Finally we couldn't resist telling him.  We all burst out laughing and told him he didn't have school because there was no water.  His first response? "why isn't there water?"....not, "why didn't you tell me?" or anything like that, but what caused the water to fail...I love my brother.
Since Isaac was home he was able to help me in the kitchen this morning, before going over to the other farm to help set up for shearing there.  Here's what he made:

Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake: pecan crust, layer of carmel, chocolate cheesecake.  It was on the menu for this weekend, but nuts and I are currently fighting so I needed someone to help me.  Isaac did what appears to be a wonderful job.
He also made:

Fresh, homemade lemonade to go with our lunch.
In the meantime I made:
Strawberry swirl cheesecake.
I also made chocolate chip cookies and asparagus leek soup (Moria brought asparagus home from work yesterday), but neither of those were very pretty or exciting, so no pictures of those (they tasted good though). After the baking was done, Isaac and I worked together and made Chicken en croute for supper. 
Not the most beautiful things in the world, but tasty!  After awhile I got bored making the chicken small enough to go in the little pockets (and we were running out of time) so we just made big chicken en croute pies (and a cute little one)

cute little chicken en croute pie

Big Chicken en Croute pie
That was it for the baking today. Still to go this week are: tarts in a variety of flavors, hot and cold potato salads, chicken vegetable soup, hamburgers, GF bread of some sort, allergy friendly chocolate strawberry swirl cheesecake and then normal day to day meals...I'm hoping things slow down a bit after this week is over. 
And eventually, I do have some thoughts to put up here in regards to graduation and my time at Central...Until next time!

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