Monday, February 13, 2012

How to help

After my blog post about mounting frustrations and some facebook posts about frustrations I’ve had a number of people asking how they can help make things easier for me while I heal.  I’m not usually very good at asking in the moment.  I’m notoriously bad at asking for help.  I try to be independent, I try to not burden other people, but I’m trying to learn to be humble and accept help.  So, if you genuinely want to help, here are some suggestions on you can help. *Note: this will be ongoing.  Doc says I might be off my leg for 6 weeks or more*

  • As long as there is snow and ice on the ground I can’t get in and out of my house to get to class.  I need to be at school at 8am on Monday and Thursdays.  The other days it’s roughly 9:30 that I need to be at school. 
  • I can get my laundry downstairs and wash it, but I can’t get it back upstairs.  Right now there is a load waiting down stairs to come back up. 
  • On February 19 I am preaching the evening service at First Reformed Church. I can’t get there on my own and need a ride.  I will also need a ride home.
  • I need to go to the bank on 8th street.  Again, too far for me to get on my own
  • I'm going to have to start physical therapy soon to try and rehabilitate my knee. I don't know where for sure yet or how often, but I know it's going to have to be happening.  The doctor hopes to have me up and walking on my own by the beginning of April.  We'll see if the physical therapist agrees.  
  • Being able to get to the therapy pool a couple times a week at the aquatic center would be excellent for my knee.  Normally I ride my bike to the aquatic center, but with my knee all messed up I can’t get there.  The aquatic center has free wifi, lots of swimming place, a workout room etc, so if you want to bring me so that I can work on my knee, there are lots of ways to amuse yourself (if you want to swim or workout I can even give you a pass).  Here’s a link to when therapy pool hours are.  There are not always regular swimming hours during therapy hours.
  • I can't get to the grocery store on my own. Even being there is a bit of a challenge. 
  • I'm sure there's more, but that's what I've got for now. 


Anonymous said...

does the grocery store have the motorized shopping carts? those are so fun (I rode one the other week when I was running out of spoons).
Sarah E

Joy said...

Yes it does. That's how mom and I did the grocery shopping on Saturday. I carted, she walked.