Wednesday, January 11, 2012


*Between Christmas, New Years, and being in Iowa with my boyfriend this week posts have been lacking.  Once school starts again I should be able to post more regularly*

Life is sometimes like playing solitaire.  Every once in a while I need a break from my homework or whatever it is that I’m working on and I pull up a quick game of solitaire to give myself a brain break.  Sure it’s not the healthiest break…getting up and doing jumping jacks or walking the dog or such would be better and might even clear my head better.  Or doing a different project…that would be more productive, but sometimes, solitaire wins.  It’s one of my many vices.
Anyhow, when I’m playing solitaire I like to know what’s coming.  One of the “fun” parts of the game is that you don’t know what’s coming.  Sometimes you have two cards that you could play, playing the right vs. the wrong card could change the entire outcome of the game.  Of course, in computer solitaire you can just undo your move and back it up and try again until you find something that you like or that appears to give you the best outcome.  The computer even tells you when you have no more options and you need to quit beating your head against a wall.  And, if you have the scoring set right, you don’t even lose points!
You have options.  You can look and then cover a card up again, move a card and then unmove it. See a move you should have made much earlier? Reverse and make it.   And the best part? It’s just a computer game and the outcome doesn’t actually matter!
I wonder what life would be like if it was like solitaire.  What if you could try something out, see what happens and then undo it you don't like it without penalty? What if you could peek at an upcoming event and choose whether you want it or not?  What if you could "click through" the next series of options and thereby pick the one most favorable for you? What if you had a clear sign to tell you that it was quitting time and that beating your head against a wall was only going to give you a headache?
Some times I think it would be nice, but I know that that is not how life works.  If that was how life worked there would be no need for faith.   We would constantly be second guessing ourselves, constantly trying to do things over.  Which works if you are existing in a bubble, but we don't exist in a bubble.  If we kept doing do overs then we'd never
get anywhere in life and everyone else would get really annoyed with you.
So I'm coming to realize that I just have to be patient, to wait, to not try and guess what is coming, but to take it has it comes and make the best of it.  And if I get a 5 when I really wanted a jack, well then, I'll just have to make the best of that 5.
"For faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"  Hebrews 11:1

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