Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy News

Hello Friends and Family and others,
On Sunday January 8 I left for Iowa with my parents, intent on seeing my boyfriend.  On Saturday January 14 I will be leaving my fiancé in Iowa.

David and have known each other for many years, about three or so.  We went to school together and he’s even been to Canada to meet my family before (long before we were dating!). This week we spent much time together building with blocks and building our relationship.

On today (Friday January 13, 2012) we went on an “outing” around town.  We ended up at campus very close to where we had first met.  We were standing by the almost frozen pond talking about some of his writing.  (Joy had to discourage David from walking on the thin ice…perhaps this is a sign that David will attempt to walk on thin ice in the future?!?) David was explaining about a character in one of his pieces that had the ability to create little men out of any object, animate them and send them on his errands.  We thought that a little man of fire or smoke would be especially cool.  Then David started talking about a little metal man.

I saw his hand in his pocket and kept trying to walk away (nerves sometimes do that), but he wouldn’t let me.  He asked me if he could ask me a question.  I told him he could ask but I might not answer.  Next thing I know both he and a metal man are on their respective knees asking me to marry them.

Actually, only David did the asking.  Metal man is a mute…he’s actually headless, so speaking is more difficult.  David says actions are louder than words anyways.  Metal man was holding the ring which happens to be my great grandma’s engagement ring.  It was last worn about 103 years ago.

Naturally I said yes. So now, I no longer have a boyfriend, I have a fiancé.

At this point, no date has been set.

Joy (Joellen) and David

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