Wednesday, August 17, 2011

O Canada! part 1

I took a quick trip up to the farm last weekend to see the dentist and my family and run a swim meet.  As always, it was an adventure.
Part of going to the farm is the animals. Within the first day of being home I had to give a little guy and enema.  He was a slow nurser so he didn't get enough colostrum soon enough so he had retained part of his meconium (first poop), which isn't super bad but can lead to constipation.  This poor little guy was ready for his enema!
Between being born less than a week earlier and pooping, Kyrie was exhausted
Nigellus is a bit older than Kyrie and has already figured out how to stand pretty for pictures
This little one (I'm color-dim and can't tell you who it is...not Dulia, Ezekiel, Alleluia, Nigellus, Kyrie or Opulence) was investigated whatever was on the other side of the fence.
Ellie Mae was babysitting all the older cria
From the next pasture over Caasi wonders if I've brought any treats with me.  Unfortunately for her I hadn't.

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