Friday, August 05, 2011

Getting Ready

I have spent today in preparation for my 100 day seizure free party, also being called the Psalm 30:2 celebration.  I had the oven up to temperature by 8am this morning and stayed on until almost 3pm this afternoon.  It never sat empty for long.  Anyone around the seminary this afternoon got to sample and everything passed.  The lemon lime bars didn't get taste tested because they are still refrigerating, but everything else seemed to pass.  Here's is a peek inside my "kitchen":
I ran out of cooling rack space pretty early on.  So a couple boxes of canned goods filled in for me.  This is Marmorkuchen (Marble cake?) cooling.
I also ran out of counter space.  An ironing board with a scorch resistant covering is like one giant hot-mat for putting hot pans on or anything that just needs to be out of the way.  In this picture is a tray of chocolate chocolate chip cookies waiting for it's turn in the over,  fudge brownies cooling, lemon lime bars cooling, and then containers of mini blueberry millet muffins and maple date cookies (with Ontario maple syrup) sitting out of the way. 
Now onto general clean-up.  Tomorrow will be market day to get some melon and veggies for the fruit and veggie tray, making whipped cream and then party time!

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