Thursday, October 14, 2010

Allergy Fun

Some of my friends like to pass the time in a grocery store by trying to find food that is Joy-friendly.  Others get super excited when we discover something new that I can eat (Like teff-based wraps, or funky cheese).  Others take a different approach to having fun with my allergies.  Recently I was at a gathering of friends and some one wondered if we could find something I couldn't eat/was allergic to for every letter of the alphabet. Collectively we came up with a list (some things are a bit of a stretch...some letters are tough).  This is not the exact list, but the best I could remember/come up with on my own.  If you have additions to any of the letters, let me know and I'll update. If I've got to have allergies, I'm gonna have fun with them!

The ABC's of Allergies:
A: Almonds, Amoxicillan (Antibiotic)
B: Bananas, Beer
C: Corn, Crayfish, Cats, Ciprofloxacin, Compazine, Cefprozil (The last three are antibiotics)
D: Dairy, Dramamine, Dilantin (the last two are medications)
E: Eggs
F: Famotidine (medication), Food coloring
G: Gluten
H: Hazel nuts
I: Ice cream, Ibuprofen (advil)
J: Jelly Beans
K: Kiwi, Keppra (medication)
L: Latex
M: Milk
N: Nuts
O: Omlett's
P: Pineapple
Q: Quiche
R: Ravioli
S: Shellfish
T: Tomatoes
U: Upside-down cake
V: Vodka
W: Wheat, Whipped Cream, Walnuts
X: XX(some kind of beer I'm told)
Y: Yellow food coloring
Z: Zanisomide (medication), Zebra Cakes (a snack involving chocolate and cake type stuff)

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